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Chair 2024 - 25

Barbara Farbon

Vice Chair 2022 - 25

Stephen Mercer

Simon Ellison

Gwyneth Lloyd

Joe Pope

Karen Wait

Photographs to come.

What is a Parish Council?

Local (community, neighbourhood, parish, village and town) councils are statutory bodies and are the first tier of local government in England.  They serve electorates ranging from small rural communities, towns and small cities; all are independently elected and raise a precept – a form of council tax – from the local community.  Together, they can be identified as among the nation’s most influential grouping of grassroots opinion-formers.


There are 9,000 local councils in England.  Over 16 million people live in communities served by local councils, around 25% of the population.  There are 80,000 councillors who serve these councils, making a difference in their communities.  £1 billion is invested in these communities every year.

Local councils work towards improving community well being and providing better services at a local level.  Their activities fall into three main categories: representing the local community; delivering services to meet local needs; striving to improve quality of life and community well being.

Register of interest

Clerk / RFO


Glenys Southworth

T: 01772 746178

A: Bretherton Parish Council 12 The Avenue, Penwortham, Preston. PR1 0SU

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