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Community Infrastructure Levy

Bretherton is in receipt of some Community Infrastucture Levy (C.I.L.) money.

The Parish Council proposes to spend some of the levy on purchasing a new timber building for the recreation ground for the purpose of storage for the various users of the area. Three estimates have been sought and it has been agreed to spend up to £4000 on a 20’ x 10’ tongue and groove timber building to be sited on the concrete base, originally the site of a cabin that was demolished in 2018.

Cllr Simon Ellison is leading on this item for the Parish Council and may be contacted if anyone has questions about the design and size and shape of the cabin.

In line with regulations, if any member of the community has any objection to this proposal, they should contact the Parish Clerk in writing by 19th July 2024.

Barbara Farbon (Chair)

5th July 2024

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